Welcome to Ellis Island Luxury Weddings

Photo courtesy of Ellis Island Events luxury wedding

A new beginning. A new life.

Ellis Island is the iconic location for new beginnings, and since your wedding marks the start of your own new beginning and new life, your own adventure into a brand new world of married life, we invite you to be inspired and enchanted at our spectacular location — rich in history, spectacular in scenery and the home of luxury, extravagant weddings.

With the Statue of Liberty standing boldly before you, the scintillating lights of New York City providing spectacular scenery, and our esteemed wedding and events staff bringing all of your wedding dreams to life, your luxury wedding at Ellis Island will be like no other. From the soaring heights of our museum ballroom that can be transformed into your visions of color and jaw-dropping lighting effects, to our outdoor celebration areas, you and your guests will step into a breathtaking marvel, all to make your wedding surpass your dreams and impress your guests.

It’s not just about being in an historic landmark. It’s about this historic landmark being at your service. The entire island is yours for the evening. Our masterful, esteemed chefs create unforgettable, gourmet dishes to elevate your cocktail party and reception to enviable taste perfection. Yours will be an elite wedding, with unparalleled attention to detail, spectacular details for your day, and the guest-thrilling opportunity to explore our museum and its displays as they drink in the luxury of your wedding itself.

Here, at our Ellis Island Weddings and Events blog, you’ll get an unparalleled insider’s view of our spectacular museum ballroom, our sprawling lawns, our chef’s delectable menu items, and the beauty of our decor and lighting. We’ll share Real Weddings that have taken place here, many covered in the media, and we’ll inspire you with the countless possibilities that Ellis Island provides for your dream wedding.

Join us here weekly for our newest images, and fascinating additional features that our historic site provides for your one-of-a-kind wedding, and visit the Ellis Island Weddings site to speak with our luxury wedding and event planners.