Ellis Island Weddings and Events: Spotlight on Long and Round Tables

With a ballroom as vast as our landmark venue’s, you have the ability to create far more beautiful and brilliant creativity with your guest tables than many other wedding ballrooms provide. On this blog, you’ve seen beautiful arrangements of all-round or all-long tables, and now we bring you a dazzling look at a mix of both round and long tables. Having the two different table styles allows you tremendous design options when it comes to table linens — colors, shimmer, chic layers and runners — and especially the arrangements of florals on your wedding or event guests’ tables. Round tables provide a natural setting for a tall, dramatic floral arrangement that may reach up toward our lofty and architectural ceiling. Or, you might choose the stylish and trendy centerpiece design of all low-set florals with multiple sizes of pillar candles in the middle.

For your long tables, you get the chance to blend tall floral centerpieces with low-set ones, or create a lavish lineup of blooms in dozens of glass vases, surrounded by flickering white or colored votives.

Our team is ready to help you and your event designer create the perfect, one-of-a-kind luxury tablescapes for your elaborate wedding or special event, including the magic of having the best of both worlds in table design and layout. Even your chaircovers can be different at your round tables than they are at your long tables, with all guests happily mixed with friends and family, always with an unobstructed view of you, the entertainment and the beauty of our historic wedding venue and all of its decor-enhancing beauty.

Ellis Island Weddings: Outdoor Setting Cabanas

Take advantage of that spectacular New York City skyline view with the outdoor portion of your luxury wedding celebration here at Ellis Island Weddings and Events. We have the perfect setting for a picturesque outdoor cocktail party or wedding reception, with unmatched scenery that gets even better as the sun sets and the true magic of the city lights appear in the distance. Continue reading

Ellis Island Weddings and Events: Customize Your Family Wedding Photo Table With Spectacular History

Before your wedding at Ellis Island, it’s a fabulous wedding trend among our luxury wedding couples here at our historic venue to research their ancestors who passed through our landmark upon arrival in this country. Our wedding couples have begun their research online, and come to Ellis Island to research their ancestry using our detailed databases including ship manifests and fascinating hand-signed registries. They then create displays on their family wedding photo table, sharing their ancestral connections to Ellis Island from long ago. Continue reading

Ellis Island Wedding and Corporate Events: Have Your Celebration on BOTH Ellis Island and Liberty Island

For some of our luxury wedding couples and elite corporate event clients, one island just isn’t enough; they opt to host one event — perhaps a wedding cocktail party — on Liberty Island, and then venture over to Ellis Island for the main event.

So you’d get BOTH islands all to yourself for your fabulous, luxury wedding or glamorous corporate party. Continue reading

An Ellis Island Wedding Is An Eco-Friendly Wedding

Evelyn Hill Inc. is a third generation family owned company that has been the exclusive concessionaire for the National Park Service for the past 80 years, and in that time, the company has become a leader and award-winner in sustainability methods, which means your luxury wedding will also be a green wedding. Continue reading

Patti Golden

Patti Golden has spent her 18 year career promoting Landmark venues for Special Events.  These venues included the United Nation’s Delegates Dining Room, Ellis Island, Elevated Acre at 55 Water Street, NYC Police Museum, Desmond Tutu Center and Citifield.  She is delighted to have worked at some of the most premiere New York City venues.

Patti’s past collection of events includes five Heads of State dinners of which one celebrated the 60th Anniversary of the United Nations.  She has also worked with a large diverse list of companies including Allstate Insurance, Price Waterhouse Cooper, JP Morgan, Boy Scouts of America, Coca-Cola and the American Bar Association and has done social events for both corporate and private groups.

In 2009, Patti was excited to join the team of Evelyn Hill Inc. to promote Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty for Special Events.  It has been her absolute dream to be fortunate enough to sell events on the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.  Patti is moved by the historical significance these venues have.  She works tirelessly to ensure that every event goes off flawlessly. Continue reading