Personalize Your Wedding with Flags of Your Heritage at Ellis Island

Personalized weddings get even more meaningful here at Ellis Island, with the flags from your heritage on display in your wedding ballroom. Hang flags from your family’s ancestral background in the Registry Room to pay tribute to your beloved cultural background. Bestek Lighting ( has a full collection of the national flags, and all you have to do is let us know which ones you’d like. We’ll take care of the rest!

What a great surprise for your wedding guests to see your heritage included in your personalized wedding celebration, here in our landmark venue with so much rich history of its own.


The Pink Peony Gala Event at Ellis Island

Zak Kunish, president of Zak Events, says of this gala event held here at Ellis Island, “I just have one thing to say…over 3,000 Blush Pink Peonies!!! We cleared out an entire farm in North Carolina!”

Your wedding or special event can be filled with a sea of your favorite flowers, for a dazzling (and fragrant!) dream celebration.

See for more on this spectacular gala event.

Create a Dramatic Entry at your Ellis Island Wedding or Special Event

How glam is this? Your guests will be wowed at this Harry Potter-esque, magical candlelit entrance to your Ellis Island wedding or special celebration, setting the stage for an unforgettable event before they even get in the door.

Inside, the sea of candles can be arranged as well, since it’s a top wedding trend to coordinate your outdoor décor with your indoor décor elements. We’re welcoming so many wonderful wedding couples, bar and bat mitzvah groups and corporate parties right now, so contact us to start planning your magical party…and perhaps an entrance scene that out-does this one!

A Dramatic Before and After View of Weddings at Ellis Island

The Before Picture of our Ballroom at the National Monument


The After Picture of Ellis Island Transformed for a Glamorous Wedding

Ellis Island as your wedding location offers pure magic in how you can create your dream wedding scene in our vast and lofty historic site, with our high ceilings and lots of space for your guests’ tables, dance floor, performance stage and breathtaking décor. The best wedding planners in the NYC, NJ and surrounding areas have brought brides’ and grooms’ wedding visions to life here at Ellis Island, and we invite you to start dreaming about what YOUR wedding at our spectacular site will look like, and contact us to bring it to life!

Ellis Island Weddings and Events: Spotlight on Our Stunning Landmark Venue’s Architecture

Ellis Island Weddings and Events take place in our storied historic landmark building, a grand hall with monumentally high, arched ceilings, pedestals, balcony railings and intricate details in every facet of our NYC venue. This breathtaking building welcomed millions to the new world, and it can now welcome your wedding or special event guest ‘masses’ to your breathtaking special event. Your VIP wedding guests will be tremendously impressed by the beauty and detail of your wedding site, which you don’t have to create from scratch. Our arched ceilings and rounded windows are here, our balconies lit and welcoming for your photographers’ and videographers’ capturing of the panoramic beauty of your luxury event. Our building, inside and out, was fashioned by talented artisans and our national park coalitions keep every inch of our celebrated NYC landmark venue in pristine shape for our legions of visitors and our circle of wedding couples, bar and mat mitzvah families and corporate event planners who book their monumental, milestone events here with us.

We’d love for you to walk through our Ellis Island events site, taking in not just the usual considerations for a wedding or party — such as size and placement of a bar — but look in detail at the architectural details of our arched doorways, the cornices of our building, the enormous arched windows with an unparalleled view of the NYC skyline. Lighting specialists can enhance all of our architectural beauty even further, inspiring great awe among your wedding guests at the sensational artistry of our venue’s most intricate and beautiful details…and when your event takes place on our island, in our ballroom, on our grounds, your wedding photos and video will be purely spectacular in detail.

Contact us to set up your site tour and see more of our Ellis Island landmark event venue details, and start dreaming about how the majesty of Ellis Island’s architecture can enhance your perfect wedding or event.

Ellis Island Weddings: The Long Table Wedding Trend

Ellis Island Weddings may take place at a landmark venue with a long history, with ultra-high ceilings and storied rooms that once welcomed awe-inspired immigrants to the new world, but it’s home now to modern, luxury weddings designed with the latest wedding trends to glorious effect. Some of the most talented wedding coordinators in the New York City and surrounding areas have transformed our architecturally-breathtaking site into the trendiest celebration spaces with masterful use of lighting, luxury fabrics, sparkling crystal details, fabulous florals, club-like seating areas and the biggest trend right now: long seating tables for guests. Continue reading

Ellis Island Weddings and Events: View Our Spotlight Video

Ellis Island Weddings are filled with elegant, luxurious, and breathtaking wedding elements, and we’d love for you to take a look for yourself! Our spotlight wedding shown in this video is filled with glamour and style, and the sentimentality of both the bride and groom’s ancestors having come through Ellis Island to begin their own new lives. Continue reading

Ellis Island Weddings and Events: Pretty Pink

Weddings at our landmark venue on Ellis Island can be bold and vibrant, as you’ve seen in our previous Spotlight events, or they can be soft, pretty and pastel such as this lovely pink-themed celebration. Among the top wedding ideas for 2013 weddings is blending colors from soft shades to brighter colors for a depth of visual effect, with specialty lighting illuminating each table. Continue reading

Ellis Island Weddings and Events: Romantic Red

Ellis island red wedding

The romantic reds of this Ellis Island Wedding set the tone for an elegant, upscale event, with plenty of flickering candlelight setting the mood for an unforgettable celebration. The stage is also set with a grand piano and room-matching red uplights behind the stage keep this scene gorgeous and passionate. Look up, and it’s reds and oranges illuminating our lofty ceiling space. It’s simply glamorous and sophisticated, in solid-color lighting effects that impress. Continue reading

Ellis Island Weddings: Impressive from Moment One

Photo courtesy of Ellis Island Weddings and Events wedding design

When guests arrive at your Ellis Island Wedding, they’ll be mesmerized from Moment One. Just look at the lighting effects possible at the entrance to your wedding celebration, and this is only one example of what can be arranged to begin your luxury wedding in an unforgettable way. Continue reading