Fireworks Add the Perfect Finishing Touch to Your Wedding or Corporate Event at Ellis Island

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The amazing William Havilland of Bestek Lighting and Staging shared this breathtaking image from an event he recently made ever more fabulous here at Ellis Island. With our gorgeous views of the New York City skyline and the Statue of Liberty, your event will be even more magical and awe-inspiring with your own personal fireworks extravaganza!

Finding Ancestors: A Personalized Touch to Your Ellis Island Wedding, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah or Other Family Celebration

Your ancestors shared this same view
Your ancestors shared this same view, and now you’re here celebrating “the good life” they hoped to provide

The family photos table has long been a special, sentimental and personalized touch to wedding decor, and now for your wedding at Ellis Island — or for a bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, sweet 16, quincenera, family reunion or other special celebration, you can create an even more wonderful tribute to your ancestors. Going way back, perhaps, to those who arrived at Ellis Island many generations ago.

Before your celebration day, visit the free Ellis Island passenger records search page and enter your ancestors’ names, and you may discover so much more about the generatios who came before you, and stepped right onto our historic landmark island as they created a new fate and new beginnings for your family tree. You may see not just the names but the ages of children, their city and country of origin, and perhaps even get to see their handwriting on the ship’s manifest. As well as a photo of the ship that carried them to our shores.

Adding such spectacular family history to your wedding, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah or other family event pays homage to the ancestors who embarked on a great adventure, leaving the past behind and looking forward to a glorious future — just as you’re doing with your wedding or your crossing into adulthood, or simply making this day a new day for your entire family gathered on Ellis Island.

We invite you now to take advantage of our available remaining dates for May and June tented affairs on our sprawling lawn and grounds, feasting on gourmet fare and sipping champagne and wine, enjoying the “good life” that your ancestors hoped so dearly to provide for their children and children’s children and all who would come from them.

This day of celebration at our historic venue would make them so proud, and you’ll feel them here with you as you raise your classes in toasts and cheers to the joyful time you’re celebrating right now.

Ellis Island Weddings and Events: Spotlight on Long and Round Tables

With a ballroom as vast as our landmark venue’s, you have the ability to create far more beautiful and brilliant creativity with your guest tables than many other wedding ballrooms provide. On this blog, you’ve seen beautiful arrangements of all-round or all-long tables, and now we bring you a dazzling look at a mix of both round and long tables. Having the two different table styles allows you tremendous design options when it comes to table linens — colors, shimmer, chic layers and runners — and especially the arrangements of florals on your wedding or event guests’ tables. Round tables provide a natural setting for a tall, dramatic floral arrangement that may reach up toward our lofty and architectural ceiling. Or, you might choose the stylish and trendy centerpiece design of all low-set florals with multiple sizes of pillar candles in the middle.

For your long tables, you get the chance to blend tall floral centerpieces with low-set ones, or create a lavish lineup of blooms in dozens of glass vases, surrounded by flickering white or colored votives.

Our team is ready to help you and your event designer create the perfect, one-of-a-kind luxury tablescapes for your elaborate wedding or special event, including the magic of having the best of both worlds in table design and layout. Even your chaircovers can be different at your round tables than they are at your long tables, with all guests happily mixed with friends and family, always with an unobstructed view of you, the entertainment and the beauty of our historic wedding venue and all of its decor-enhancing beauty.

Your Ellis Island Wedding: Celebrations in Our Smaller Rooms as Well as Our Ballroom





Ellis Island Weddings and Events allow you to transform not just our grand spaces for your wedding reception to your dream wedding design filled with light, color, flowers, lavish linens and the finest of table settings, you also may host additional portions of your wedding celebration in our smaller rooms and banquet spaces. Continue reading

Ellis Island Weddings and Events: Customize Your Family Wedding Photo Table With Spectacular History

Before your wedding at Ellis Island, it’s a fabulous wedding trend among our luxury wedding couples here at our historic venue to research their ancestors who passed through our landmark upon arrival in this country. Our wedding couples have begun their research online, and come to Ellis Island to research their ancestry using our detailed databases including ship manifests and fascinating hand-signed registries. They then create displays on their family wedding photo table, sharing their ancestral connections to Ellis Island from long ago. Continue reading

Ellis Island Wedding and Corporate Events: Fabulous Video Presentations


Ellis Island may be an historic venue, but we’re hi-tech all the way — for your wedding or corporate gala video presentations that begin your celebration with a sentimental montage of the bride and groom, or a revved-up, motivational video for your corporate crowd.

Our venue has been transformed by top wedding coordinators and event planners to feature big-screens in the front of the ballroom, over the stage, and along our lofty balconies, giving all of your wedding and corporate guests a perfect view of your video. Wedding entertainers perfect the art of video effects coordinated to their musical performances, and corporate event planners have shown the history and leaders of the host company’s organization.

Our event planning team will work with you and your coordinators to design the perfect big-screen placements around our immense venue, adding a dazzling level of entertainment and inspiration to your Ellis Island special event. Continue reading

Ellis Island Weddings: Famous Faces and Movie Scenes

Wedding guests love hearing the history of the wedding location, and there’s no better locale for history than Ellis Island. In addition to the fascinating stories of the island’s architecture and immigrant flow, guests will be delighted to know that they are standing where some of America’s most beloved and accomplished entertainers and innovators first arrived here to make a new start in their new world. Continue reading

Ellis Island Weddings Dazzle With Lighting Effects

Ellis island wedding design

Luxury weddings are known for their spectacular decor, and no wedding trend is bigger right now than specialty lighting. Fabulous lighting effects can transform any ballroom space into a magical scene, but here at Ellis Island with our lofty ceilings and spectacular architecture, lighting effects really create an unforgettable ambiance. Your guests who have visited Ellis Island before will not believe this is the same historic site they experienced in the past, and guests who have never stepped foot in our landmark will be truly impressed with your lavish designs and decor. Continue reading

Welcome to Ellis Island Luxury Weddings

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A new beginning. A new life.

Ellis Island is the iconic location for new beginnings, and since your wedding marks the start of your own new beginning and new life, your own adventure into a brand new world of married life, we invite you to be inspired and enchanted at our spectacular location — rich in history, spectacular in scenery and the home of luxury, extravagant weddings. Continue reading