Ellis Island Weddings Spotlight: Outdoor Rustic Wedding Celebration

Outdoor weddings with a rustic feel are all the rage in today’s stylish and chic, upscale wedding celebrations, and at Ellis Island, we provide a scenic setting that surprises wedding guests in how perfectly it works with the reustic wedding theme. Just look at our trendy, family-style, rustic long tables set up on our grounds, with rustic wedding style lights strung overhead, providing a pretty scene for an outdoor wedding with both a city view and amazing visual perspective on our own architecture. And as you’ll see here, the red posts, chairs and table accents tie in with the rich reds of our Ellis Island building in the background for a lovely, complementary color scheme that ties the setting to the design elements.

As the sun sets over this rustic-chic outdoor wedding scene, the overhead lights will come on, adding extra celebratory flair in addition to the glowing moon, perhaps a night sky full of stars and the city lights in the distance.

It’s a big trend in weddings to create a rustic wedding scene in a locale that doesn’t normally evoke a rustic feel, but when the design elements are brought in, the scene just works. We welcome you to contact our team about your outdoor rustic wedding style here on Ellis Island, and we welcome your wedding coordinator to chat with us about your personalized picks for your elegant rustic luxury wedding.