Vintage Elegance at Ellis Island Weddings, With This Suitcase Card Holder

From ShabbyChicWeddings on Etsy

One of the top wedding trends of 2014 is a “vintage elegance” style of wedding décor, and at our landmark wedding venue of Ellis Island, vintage is definitely a style inspiration for our brides.

One way to capture “vintage elegance” is with vintage suitcases, and given our rich history of welcoming immigrants – each toting their suitcases, filled with their treasured belongings – we love the look of vintage suitcases brought into today’s weddings here at Ellis Island.

As seen above, pretty vintage suitcases are displayed and used to hold the cards and gifts brought for the wedding couple. These particular designs, by TheShabbyChicWedding on Etsy, are adorned with handmade flowers with pearls in the centers and a ribbon bow, a band of burlap, and the vintage sheet music pattern of the suitcases’ inside hearkens back to an earlier age. Add a trendy banner, like these spelling out ‘Cards’ and strung with twine and pearls, for extra vintage touches.

After your wedding, you can keep this vintage suitcase to hold all of your wedding day keepsakes, like your wedding programs, wedding cards, extra favors, your own place cards, copies of your vows, and more.



Dramatic Wedding Venues: One of the Top Wedding Trends for 2014

The list of top wedding trends for 2014 has just come out, and ‘Dramatic Wedding Venue’ takes the top spot for locations! says that in 2014, weddings will take place in gorgeous glam settings with high ceilings, amazing windows, architectural Wow Factor, sensational views, and a little bit of history. Each one of those must-haves for a dramatic wedding setting is right here at Ellis Island!

Take a look at our stunning window above, and visit our site to see photos of our high ceiling illuminated by special effects lighting and a glam glow of color. And as for ‘a little bit of history,’ that’s an understatement for the rich history of our historic venue.

Inside and out, Ellis Island is an ultra-dramatic wedding setting, and your designers will love you for choosing such a spectacular site where they can bring your biggest décor dreams to life.

What else is on the top wedding trends 2014 list? Eco-friendly settings, and yes, we fit that trend as well. We’ve won awards for our green practices, and we’re proud to be recognized as a leading eco-friendly venue in the NYC area.

We look forward to meeting you, and we look forward to seeing what you’d like your Ellis Island wedding to look like. You can work magic with our dramatic venue, creating the wedding of your dreams that doesn’t just meet the trends — it sets new ones!