Ellis Island Weddings Sneak Peek

An absolutely gorgeous image from a September 2014 wedding here on Ellis Island. We thank William Haviland of Bestek Lighting (www.bestek.com)  for this photo, and we’ll post more images from this stunning wedding after the happy couple’s honeymoon.

Elegant Weddings at Ellis Island Captured Beautifully in Black-and-White


Photo courtesy of Maloman Studios

Black-and-white photos have long been a trend in wedding photography, and when your wedding takes place at historic Ellis Island, you can capture so much elegance and timelessness when you get a number of your wedding photos in black-and-white. Take a look at Ali & Dan’s Ellis Island wedding reception photo above…the black-and-white effect is so magical, capturing the soaring ceiling and vibe of our Grand Room, and also capturing the sophisticated style of the bride and groom.

See Ali & Dan’s amazing Ellis Island wedding reception photos here, with our thanks to Maloman Studios for sharing this image with us!