The Ellis Island Weddings and Events Video is Live

See the elegance of an Ellis Island wedding or special event on our video sharing the beauty and grandeur of our landmark wedding venue overlooking the scenic New York City skyline.

Ellis Island Weddings: Our Wedding Video

Ellis Island Weddings are stunning and unforgettable, with luxury wedding details lighting up our historic venue, and outdoor concert and wedding fireworks lighting up the place. And your ceremony here on our grounds could have that spectacular NYC skyline behind it! Our video shares some of our recent wedding images and more information about the magic and majesty of an Ellis Island wedding.

A Nighttime Wedding Ceremony with a View of the NYC Skyline

Outdoor wedding ceremonies don’t always have to take place in the daytime. On Ellis Island, your ceremony can be held at night, with fantastic lighting and with the stunning  NYC skyline as your wedding ceremony backdrop.

The design here is courtesy of Jung Lee of Fete Events, one of the most esteemed wedding planners in New York City.

It’s a Beautiful Cruise to your Ellis Island Wedding

Part of the allure of a ‘getaway wedding’ is the scenery, and many of the island resorts start you off with a scenic ferry ride to your destination — and Ellis Island Weddings provides a unique and breathtaking ferry ride of its own, to bring your wedding guests to a celebration of a lifetime.

When they step aboard our fabulous ferry, your wedding guests will feel the excitement building as they approach the stunning Statue of Liberty, and see the amazing architecture of New York City all around them, wave to passing yacht passengers, and enjoy a seaborne celebration as they mingle with other guests. A great sense of anticipation builds the nearer they get to your dream wedding at Ellis Island, and the friendly ferry staff helps kindle an even greater sense of excitement during the brief cruise to your wedding.

When guests arrive, they can be greeted by Ellis Island staff members greeting them with trays of champagne and berries, all with smiles and warm greetings. You might even have character actors playing the parts of hope-filled ancestral immigrants, setting a scene that makes guests feel like they’ve stepped back in time and building upon the wonder of our historic venue.

Each of your families might have its beginnings right here on the very ground where your guests now set foot. That’s a completely unique experience, unlike any other wedding venue you’ll find.

And of course, guests’ cruise home after your elegant luxury wedding will be equally spectacular with the night sky filled with stars above, the city lights twinkling, the moonlight glimmering on the water, and the Statue overlooking their departure.

Since wedding transportation is so big for weddings, why not let your guests enjoy a fabulous form of transportation of their own, and stay festive with their fellow wedding guests as they glide across the harbor to home.