Finding Ancestors: A Personalized Touch to Your Ellis Island Wedding, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah or Other Family Celebration

Your ancestors shared this same view
Your ancestors shared this same view, and now you’re here celebrating “the good life” they hoped to provide

The family photos table has long been a special, sentimental and personalized touch to wedding decor, and now for your wedding at Ellis Island — or for a bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, sweet 16, quincenera, family reunion or other special celebration, you can create an even more wonderful tribute to your ancestors. Going way back, perhaps, to those who arrived at Ellis Island many generations ago.

Before your celebration day, visit the free Ellis Island passenger records search page and enter your ancestors’ names, and you may discover so much more about the generatios who came before you, and stepped right onto our historic landmark island as they created a new fate and new beginnings for your family tree. You may see not just the names but the ages of children, their city and country of origin, and perhaps even get to see their handwriting on the ship’s manifest. As well as a photo of the ship that carried them to our shores.

Adding such spectacular family history to your wedding, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah or other family event pays homage to the ancestors who embarked on a great adventure, leaving the past behind and looking forward to a glorious future — just as you’re doing with your wedding or your crossing into adulthood, or simply making this day a new day for your entire family gathered on Ellis Island.

We invite you now to take advantage of our available remaining dates for May and June tented affairs on our sprawling lawn and grounds, feasting on gourmet fare and sipping champagne and wine, enjoying the “good life” that your ancestors hoped so dearly to provide for their children and children’s children and all who would come from them.

This day of celebration at our historic venue would make them so proud, and you’ll feel them here with you as you raise your classes in toasts and cheers to the joyful time you’re celebrating right now.

Ellis Island Weddings and Events: Spotlight on Our Stunning Landmark Venue’s Architecture

Ellis Island Weddings and Events take place in our storied historic landmark building, a grand hall with monumentally high, arched ceilings, pedestals, balcony railings and intricate details in every facet of our NYC venue. This breathtaking building welcomed millions to the new world, and it can now welcome your wedding or special event guest ‘masses’ to your breathtaking special event. Your VIP wedding guests will be tremendously impressed by the beauty and detail of your wedding site, which you don’t have to create from scratch. Our arched ceilings and rounded windows are here, our balconies lit and welcoming for your photographers’ and videographers’ capturing of the panoramic beauty of your luxury event. Our building, inside and out, was fashioned by talented artisans and our national park coalitions keep every inch of our celebrated NYC landmark venue in pristine shape for our legions of visitors and our circle of wedding couples, bar and mat mitzvah families and corporate event planners who book their monumental, milestone events here with us.

We’d love for you to walk through our Ellis Island events site, taking in not just the usual considerations for a wedding or party — such as size and placement of a bar — but look in detail at the architectural details of our arched doorways, the cornices of our building, the enormous arched windows with an unparalleled view of the NYC skyline. Lighting specialists can enhance all of our architectural beauty even further, inspiring great awe among your wedding guests at the sensational artistry of our venue’s most intricate and beautiful details…and when your event takes place on our island, in our ballroom, on our grounds, your wedding photos and video will be purely spectacular in detail.

Contact us to set up your site tour and see more of our Ellis Island landmark event venue details, and start dreaming about how the majesty of Ellis Island’s architecture can enhance your perfect wedding or event.