If We Build It…. Custom Structures and Stages for Celebrations and Weddings on Ellis Island

Photos by: Kevin J McCormick Photography  http://www.kjmphoto.com

Ellis Island weddings and events are known for being ultra-customized and fine-tuned for our guests. Our two islands are often home to lavish celebrations held in custom-designed tents and structures, and this celebration for Amway China brought a jaw-dropping custom structure to our shores, with sensational lighting, for a LeeHom Wang concert and a 1600-person dinner and an event that encompassed both levels of the Ellis Island museum.


Corporate events on Ellis Island, as well as our luxury weddings, become breathtaking scenes and magical settings – all possible due to our vast grounds and marvelous views of the sunset, night sky and NYC skyline.


NYC Save the Dates by Ceci New York, Inspiration for your Ellis Island Wedding

Weddings in New York City are so spectacular and stylish, and when your guests receive your NYC themed Save the Date cards — like these from celebrity wedding stationer Ceci New York (www.cecinewyork.com) — and find out that your wedding will be among the luxury weddings held at Ellis Island, they’ll be thrilled that *they* have made your VIP invitation list and will soon get to take in the scenic views of the New York City skyline and enjoy the elegance and decadence of an Ellis Island Wedding.
Our historic venue has been the setting for some of the most glamorous weddings NYC has ever seen, and The Knot recently named one of the weddings held here as being among the Best Weddings of 2013. Movies have been filmed here at Ellis Island, and celebrities have been honored here. Now, our landmark venue can be the home of your big day. We look forward to Saving the Date for your wedding!

Ellis Island Weddings are Dream Destination Weddings


Ellis Island weddings are dream destination weddings, since you get the whole island to yourself! That’s right, a private island wedding just for you and your guests, with phenomenal views, a magical sunset, shimmering waters, top-tier service and a staff dedicated to you and you alone, and you’ll likely not have to fly anywhere! No days lost to travel, no airline delays or airport hassles, no carrying your dress on a plane, no planning from a huge distance with professionals you don’t see until your wedding weekend. Your wedding experts are right nearby for your ultimate planning ease, which eliminates a lot of wedding stress.

You and your guests get an island wedding, complete with a private ferry ride to our island for an exciting start to your Big Day.

And since you always want to be on-trend with your wedding plans, here are some statistics from the new 2013 Destination Weddings survey by The Wedding Report:

  • 1 in 10 weddings is a destination wedding.
  • New York brides are #10 on the list of destination wedding interest by state, and New Jersey brides are #3!
  • 66% of destination weddings take place within 25 miles of home, and 15% of destination weddings take place within 15% of home.
  • The average number of destination wedding guests are:
    • 33% have 51-100 guests
    • 23% have 101-150 guests
    • 14% have 26-50 guests
    • 11% have 151-200 guests
    • 9% have fewer than 25 guests (WE do weddings for as few as 25 guests!)
    • 9% have 201+guests
    • New York City is #9 on the list of top destination wedding locations in the world!

Visit the Ellis Island Weddings website to start planning your dream destination wedding – we’re looking forward to meeting you, and to bringing your wedding vision to life!


Broadway Performers Could be Your Wedding Entertainment at Your Ellis Island Wedding

Since we’re so close to New York City, Ellis Island Weddings have featured spectacular performances by Broadway-level musicians, troupes and the casts of the top Broadway musicals. Imagine how thrilled your guests will be when you surprise them with top-tier entertainment! The best wedding planners say that a stand-out wedding gives guests an unforgettable experience, and when they attend your wedding, what an experience it will be! It’s like getting to see a Broadway show while attending your wedding!

The image above is from a West Side Story act that one of our recent events featured, and you can let your imagination run wild at your luxury wedding. From singers to musicians to bands, we’ve had some spectacular acts grace our stage, and don’t forget that you can arrange for musicians at your outdoor wedding, cocktail party or even for your fireworks show!

Exciting News! The Lucky Date of 11/12/13 is OPEN at Ellis Island and Liberty Island

Everyone’s talking about 11/12/13 — this year’s next Lucky Date for weddings, and we’re excited to let you know that this date is OPEN for a your Ellis Island wedding, Liberty Island wedding, or any special celebration you’d like to have here at our luxury event venues.

Since Ellis Island’s gorgeous grounds and spectacular views of the New York City skyline and Statue of Liberty make our site a top spot for special celebrations, you might grab our open lucky date for your:

* Engagement party

* Rehearsal dinner outdoor lobster bake

* Anniversary party

* Bar mitzvah

* Bat mitzvah

* Sweet 16

* Post destination wedding reception

* Corporate celebration

* Awards dinner

And any special event that you’d love to be made all the more special by our amazing setting, fabulous grounds, glamorous ballroom, and stunning views in every direction.

Contact us today to grab up the lucky date of 11/12/13 for your unforgettable wedding or special celebration!


Ellis Island Welcomes Bruce Springsteen!

How many brides and grooms can say that their wedding venue has been visited by the biggest celebrities in the world? When your luxury wedding takes place at Ellis Island, your special event’s location is the very same location where the country’s biggest superstars and elite achievers have had their own Big Day.

 Each year, The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation — a partner of Statue of Liberty National Monument and Ellis Island — honors celebrities and legends in their Heritage Awards ceremonies honoring “immigrants or their descendants who have made a major contribution to the American experience.” At the awards ceremony, each of the elite celebrities being honored receive a stellar welcome, a copy of the original ship’s manifest from their own personal relative’s immigrant arrival records, and the ceremony reflects on the honorees journey and contributions to the nation.

 Right there where your wedding ceremony or location will take place could very well be precisely where major celebrities have stood in one of the biggest moments of their lives as well. For instance, in 2010, Bruce Springsteen was an award recipient at Ellis Island for his contributions to ‘the American Experience,’ and some of his contributions may be on your wedding reception music playlist!

Bruce Springsteen’s arrival:

Bruce Springsteen Speaks:

Bruce Springsteen receives the ship’s manifest:

And here’s a look at the Ellis Island Family Heritage Awards’ site. In the coming weeks, we’ll post photos and videos of other top celebrities, athletes and achievers who have celebrated in your Ellis Island wedding or special event venue: http://www.ellisisland.org/genealogy/ellis_island_heritage_awards.asp

Ellis Island Weddings and Events: Spotlight on Designing Your Own Bar

One of the most imaginative and exciting parts of planning your Ellis Island wedding or special event is getting to design something that very few brides and grooms get to design in any other wedding venue — your bar.

Here at our amazing, historic landmark venue, you get to take the ‘blank slate’ of our Registry Room and outdoor areas and create almost anything you wish — just like at celebrity weddings and those planned by celebrity wedding coordinators. While many other venues have their standard bar that you might be able to dress up with some small floral arrangements or LED lights in a vase, Ellis Island Weddings and events have seen stunning bars designed such as this long, mahogany-style bar with gorgeous glasses on display, the best vintages and top-shelf liquors in view, and talented mixologists providing fabulous drinks for all.

You might choose a lounge-style bar that’s lit in neon colors, indoors or outside.

You might choose to have multiple bars and drink stations, such as a standard central bar, and then specialty bars serving flavored martinis or your wedding signature cocktails, cultural drinks like sake or other flavors.

The design of your bar is just one of the elements of a luxury, one-of-a-kind wedding at Ellis Island, and we invite you to contact us for our site’s layouts and details for your event coordinator’s use.

Ellis Island Weddings and Events: Spotlight on Long and Round Tables

With a ballroom as vast as our landmark venue’s, you have the ability to create far more beautiful and brilliant creativity with your guest tables than many other wedding ballrooms provide. On this blog, you’ve seen beautiful arrangements of all-round or all-long tables, and now we bring you a dazzling look at a mix of both round and long tables. Having the two different table styles allows you tremendous design options when it comes to table linens — colors, shimmer, chic layers and runners — and especially the arrangements of florals on your wedding or event guests’ tables. Round tables provide a natural setting for a tall, dramatic floral arrangement that may reach up toward our lofty and architectural ceiling. Or, you might choose the stylish and trendy centerpiece design of all low-set florals with multiple sizes of pillar candles in the middle.

For your long tables, you get the chance to blend tall floral centerpieces with low-set ones, or create a lavish lineup of blooms in dozens of glass vases, surrounded by flickering white or colored votives.

Our team is ready to help you and your event designer create the perfect, one-of-a-kind luxury tablescapes for your elaborate wedding or special event, including the magic of having the best of both worlds in table design and layout. Even your chaircovers can be different at your round tables than they are at your long tables, with all guests happily mixed with friends and family, always with an unobstructed view of you, the entertainment and the beauty of our historic wedding venue and all of its decor-enhancing beauty.

A Fun and Historic Entrance to Your Ellis Island Wedding or Event

A spectacular wedding, bar or bat mitzvah or corporate event starts with a grand entrance. Since your lavish celebration takes place here, in our landmark historic site, you have the unique opportunity to plan an entrance unlike any other, one that’s tailored to the rich legacy of Ellis Island itself.

Imagine your guests’ delight when they disembark from their ferry ride to the island to find costumed actors, in character, dressed in period outfits, welcoming your friends, family and colleagues to the island, encouraging them to step forward into a New World, welcoming them in a fabulous performance that just touches subtly upon the arrival of those long-ago immigrants setting foot on the island to begin their new grand adventure. Continue reading

Ellis Island Weddings: The Long Table Wedding Trend

Ellis Island Weddings may take place at a landmark venue with a long history, with ultra-high ceilings and storied rooms that once welcomed awe-inspired immigrants to the new world, but it’s home now to modern, luxury weddings designed with the latest wedding trends to glorious effect. Some of the most talented wedding coordinators in the New York City and surrounding areas have transformed our architecturally-breathtaking site into the trendiest celebration spaces with masterful use of lighting, luxury fabrics, sparkling crystal details, fabulous florals, club-like seating areas and the biggest trend right now: long seating tables for guests. Continue reading