Ellis Island Weddings and Events: Spotlight on Long and Round Tables

With a ballroom as vast as our landmark venue’s, you have the ability to create far more beautiful and brilliant creativity with your guest tables than many other wedding ballrooms provide. On this blog, you’ve seen beautiful arrangements of all-round or all-long tables, and now we bring you a dazzling look at a mix of both round and long tables. Having the two different table styles allows you tremendous design options when it comes to table linens — colors, shimmer, chic layers and runners — and especially the arrangements of florals on your wedding or event guests’ tables. Round tables provide a natural setting for a tall, dramatic floral arrangement that may reach up toward our lofty and architectural ceiling. Or, you might choose the stylish and trendy centerpiece design of all low-set florals with multiple sizes of pillar candles in the middle.

For your long tables, you get the chance to blend tall floral centerpieces with low-set ones, or create a lavish lineup of blooms in dozens of glass vases, surrounded by flickering white or colored votives.

Our team is ready to help you and your event designer create the perfect, one-of-a-kind luxury tablescapes for your elaborate wedding or special event, including the magic of having the best of both worlds in table design and layout. Even your chaircovers can be different at your round tables than they are at your long tables, with all guests happily mixed with friends and family, always with an unobstructed view of you, the entertainment and the beauty of our historic wedding venue and all of its decor-enhancing beauty.