Custom-Designed Bars at Ellis Island for your Wedding

Weddings at Ellis Island are truly one-of-a-kind, with our gorgeous, historic venue providing the scenery for so custom wedding elements that you and your wedding planning team envision. From a stately mahogany bar to a clublike light-up bar indoors or outside, to multiple bars, to specialty bars for your signature cocktails, rum bars, whiskey bars, champagne bars, martini bars…your imagination can run wild to provide you and your guests with an amazing drink menu and a serving style that’s second-to-none.

Contact us to find out more about how your dream wedding can be held here at Ellis Island, in our elaborate building rich with history, and outdoors with an unparalleled view of the New York City skyline.

Ellis Island Weddings and Events: Guidelines and Floorplans for your Wedding Vendors

In order to bring your dream wedding or special celebration to life here on Ellis Island or on Liberty Island (or both!), your team of talented wedding vendors needs our guidelines and the layouts and floorplans of each of our venues. A luxury wedding or special event always takes lots of planning, teamwork, masterful creativity, vision and ingenuity, and our team is ready to work with your team to make magic happen for your celebration.

So we offer a detailed list of our site requirements, which is vital since Liberty and Ellis Island are National Monuments operated by the National Park Service, under supervision of the Department of the Interior and protected by the United States Park Police to ensure that these Monuments are around for generations to come.

It is mandatory that these guidelines are followed, so your vendors will need to make their staff aware of our guidelines. For instance, in order for the most amazing design elements to be created in our landmark venues, all vendors hired to work an event are required to do a site inspection of the venue. You wouldn’t want your team working site-unseen, so this tour is an important one for your creative team to experience. Plus, they say it’s fascinating to get our in-depth tour of the many different areas of our grounds and buildings that may inspire additional special elements for your big day.

Share our Vendor Guidelines with your team, and have them contact us to set up that all-important walk-through and eye-opening tour of our many facets, architectural highlights and state-of-the-art, eco-friendly facility. We welcome their questions, and yours, so that we may partner together to create a spectacular celebration that surpasses your expectations, and makes your soiree one that your guests will talk about not just for years to come, but for decades to come. An Ellis Island Wedding, a Liberty Island cocktail party, and fabulous fireworks over the Statue of Liberty, with countless fabulous details that set trends in the industry? That can be your wedding dream come true.