Ellis Island Weddings are Dream Destination Weddings


Ellis Island weddings are dream destination weddings, since you get the whole island to yourself! That’s right, a private island wedding just for you and your guests, with phenomenal views, a magical sunset, shimmering waters, top-tier service and a staff dedicated to you and you alone, and you’ll likely not have to fly anywhere! No days lost to travel, no airline delays or airport hassles, no carrying your dress on a plane, no planning from a huge distance with professionals you don’t see until your wedding weekend. Your wedding experts are right nearby for your ultimate planning ease, which eliminates a lot of wedding stress.

You and your guests get an island wedding, complete with a private ferry ride to our island for an exciting start to your Big Day.

And since you always want to be on-trend with your wedding plans, here are some statistics from the new 2013 Destination Weddings survey by The Wedding Report:

  • 1 in 10 weddings is a destination wedding.
  • New York brides are #10 on the list of destination wedding interest by state, and New Jersey brides are #3!
  • 66% of destination weddings take place within 25 miles of home, and 15% of destination weddings take place within 15% of home.
  • The average number of destination wedding guests are:
    • 33% have 51-100 guests
    • 23% have 101-150 guests
    • 14% have 26-50 guests
    • 11% have 151-200 guests
    • 9% have fewer than 25 guests (WE do weddings for as few as 25 guests!)
    • 9% have 201+guests
    • New York City is #9 on the list of top destination wedding locations in the world!

Visit the Ellis Island Weddings website to start planning your dream destination wedding – we’re looking forward to meeting you, and to bringing your wedding vision to life!