Ellis Island Weddings and Events: Spotlight on a Romantic Evening Picnic

When you book your wedding or special event at our landmark venue, you might choose the big celebrity trend of having two locations for your wedding. At Ellis Island Weddings and Events, we offer the priceless chance to have your luxury wedding encompass both Liberty Island and Ellis Island. Perhaps you’ll start your celebration with an open-air cocktail party on Liberty Island, with your guests enjoying spectacular photo opportunities with the Statue of Liberty, and then your celebration progresses to Ellis Island for your grand ballroom reception.

Or, you might decide on an evening picnic right on Liberty Island, with our team’s expert help in designing the perfect layout of outdoor seating, celebrity wedding-planner favorite pillows on the ground for cozy gatherings, and romantic lanterns in the trees. A daytime into nighttime wedding or special celebration gives you our islands to design as you wish, wowing your wedding guests with the lavishness of your decor vision, mixed with the awesome views of the city from all corners of our impressive island venues.

Ellis Island Weddings: The Long Table Wedding Trend

Ellis Island Weddings may take place at a landmark venue with a long history, with ultra-high ceilings and storied rooms that once welcomed awe-inspired immigrants to the new world, but it’s home now to modern, luxury weddings designed with the latest wedding trends to glorious effect. Some of the most talented wedding coordinators in the New York City and surrounding areas have transformed our architecturally-breathtaking site into the trendiest celebration spaces with masterful use of lighting, luxury fabrics, sparkling crystal details, fabulous florals, club-like seating areas and the biggest trend right now: long seating tables for guests. Continue reading