Ellis Island Weddings and Events: Spotlight on Designing Your Own Bar

One of the most imaginative and exciting parts of planning your Ellis Island wedding or special event is getting to design something that very few brides and grooms get to design in any other wedding venue — your bar.

Here at our amazing, historic landmark venue, you get to take the ‘blank slate’ of our Registry Room and outdoor areas and create almost anything you wish — just like at celebrity weddings and those planned by celebrity wedding coordinators. While many other venues have their standard bar that you might be able to dress up with some small floral arrangements or LED lights in a vase, Ellis Island Weddings and events have seen stunning bars designed such as this long, mahogany-style bar with gorgeous glasses on display, the best vintages and top-shelf liquors in view, and talented mixologists providing fabulous drinks for all.

You might choose a lounge-style bar that’s lit in neon colors, indoors or outside.

You might choose to have multiple bars and drink stations, such as a standard central bar, and then specialty bars serving flavored martinis or your wedding signature cocktails, cultural drinks like sake or other flavors.

The design of your bar is just one of the elements of a luxury, one-of-a-kind wedding at Ellis Island, and we invite you to contact us for our site’s layouts and details for your event coordinator’s use.