Outdoor Weddings at Ellis Island

outdoor wedding seating

The sprawling grounds of Ellis Island offer a picturesque view of the city in daytime, and lit up at nighttime, if your choice is an outdoor wedding. The casual seating above provides a lovely spot where your wedding guests can mingle, enjoy champagne, and take endless photos of the scenery and themselves in front of it. A top wedding decor trend right now is lounge-type seating arrangements at outdoor weddings, with couches and ottomans, accented by pops of color such as the trendy lime green coordinating with our manicured grassy lawn. Add some floral pieces, and you’ve created an impressive outdoor ambiance for your pre-wedding guest arrivals, your cocktail party or your outdoor wedding reception hours.

ellis island wedding outdoor bar

At night, your wedding lights up to create an entirely different, energized setting, such as with an illuminated four-side bar offering your signature wedding drinks, classic cocktails, martinis, cultural drinks and more. The setting sun transforms not just the New York skyline in a dramatic and iconic way, but so too will your wedding take on an entirely different, luxury flair.

Contact our events team to learn what can be arranged on the Ellis Island grounds. As a national landmark, we do need to follow the rules of the land, so ask us about the many options you do have here in our outdoor wedding spaces.