Making an Entrance: Guests Arrive at Your Ellis Island Wedding on a Private Boat

Ellis island wedding ferryEllis island wedding ferry angle 2

Your luxury wedding on Ellis Island begins, for your guests, with an exciting on-the-water excursion via a private boat ride exclusively for your wedding group. Since we are an island destination, the only way to reach us is via boat, which creates the same VIP feel that so many celebrity brides and grooms arrange for their guests…a scenic and festive ride past breathtaking scenery, and the electric buzz of guests gazing out at the island and the Statue of Liberty growing nearer and more majestic by the minute.

Statue Cruises is the exclusive provider of transportation to Ellis Island, departing from Battery Park in New York City and Liberty Statue Park in New Jersey, providing ease of access to your guests on both sides of the river. As guests enjoy the scenic skyline and the colors of the sunset, for the under-15 minute cruise to your spectacular wedding, they’ll surely feel a sense of awe at the beauty around them — the heights of architecture, the deep blue of the waters, the oranges and yellows of the setting sun — and many guests will feel a sense of reverence for their ancestors who may have gazed upon the same blue waters and approaching island when they first came to America for their new beginnings, for their start of a new, prosperous and peaceful life. It’s difficult not to think of them during this brief journey, and feel a sense of connection to their dreams coming true.

When guests disembark on Ellis Island, they’ll be welcomed by our staff and led into your custom-designed wedding scene, for a sensational celebration that began with a unique, stunning and scenic journey. Contact our team to inquire about personalization to your guests’ boat ride experience…from decor to on-board entertainment, to entertainers greeting them on the island, and more, as well as full details about booking your guests’ VIP cruises to and from your wedding celebration.