Ellis Island Weddings — We Answer Your Questions

Ellis island pink wedding

Ellis Island weddings are grand, spectacular affairs, and we know you probably have some initial questions about hosting the most amazing day of your life here at our very special wedding venue. So, from the Ellis Island Weddings website, here are some FAQs to get you started

What are the costs for an event?

A special use permit fee paid directly to the National

Park Service. Rates are determined by the NPS and

are based upon your impact to the monument: i.e.

number of guests, length of event, etc.

How do I get to the Island(s)?

Statue Cruises is the exclusive provider of

transportation to Liberty and Ellis Islands from

Battery Park, NYC or Liberty Statue Park, NJ. This

fee is based on the number of people and length of

use, and is paid directly to Statue Cruises. The ride is

under 15 minutes

Is there an exclusive caterer?

Evelyn Hill Inc. is the authorized concessionaire for the

National Park Service and approved outside caterers

are recommended by EHI. Only approved caterers

will be permitted on the Islands.

Can I bring in an outside caterer?

Yes, an outside caterer is permitted upon the approval

of Evelyn Hill Inc. A management fee will be charged

based on the event specifications and impact on the


Do my guests need to go through Security?

Whether leaving from Battery Park, NYC or Liberty

State Park, NJ, your guests will be required to go

through airport-style security with a metal detector.

Keeping America’s iconic parks safe.

What types of events are permitted on Ellis and

Liberty Islands?

All events must be approved by the National park

Service. Fundraisers, Corporate Dinners, Company

Outings, Black-Tie Affairs, Wedding Ceremonies,

Wedding Receptions, Concerts and Product Launches

have all taken place on the Islands.

Are there smoking areas on the Islands?

Both Islands do permit smoking outside in designated areas

on the grounds.

What time can my evening event start and end?

After daily operating hours, which vary depending upon

the season. This ranges between a closing time of 5:00

and 6:15 pm. Event usually end no later than 11:30 pm,

pending National Park Service approval.

What is the National Park Service involvement in my


The National Park Service manages both Liberty and Ellis

Islands. They must approve everything that occurs during

your event; including date, number of guests, schedule

and flow. Their approval is obtained through submitting

a National Park Service application along with $75

application fee. Upon the approval of the National Park

Service, a Special Use Permit will be issued for your event.