Ellis Island Weddings: The Long Table Wedding Trend

Ellis Island Weddings may take place at a landmark venue with a long history, with ultra-high ceilings and storied rooms that once welcomed awe-inspired immigrants to the new world, but it’s home now to modern, luxury weddings designed with the latest wedding trends to glorious effect. Some of the most talented wedding coordinators in the New York City and surrounding areas have transformed our architecturally-breathtaking site into the trendiest celebration spaces with masterful use of lighting, luxury fabrics, sparkling crystal details, fabulous florals, club-like seating areas and the biggest trend right now: long seating tables for guests.

Our vast space is a natural for the grandeur of long guest tables, which provides wedding guests with pleasure of sitting with a larger number of your fascinating and beloved wedding guests. You’ll also struggle less with those seating charts, since you won’t have to breaking your guests up into circles of 8, 10 or 12. Long table arrangements allow you to more easily situate your special wedding guests, and the seating style is one used for royal wedding, state dinners and splashy celebrations like the post-Oscars dinner.

Long wedding banquet tables also provide you with the chance to decorate them in a fabulously upscale, top wedding trend-inclusive way…with candelabras, tall or low floral arrangements, a lineup of votive candles, a lengthy arrangement of unique decor items along the entire lengths of each guest table for a more spectacular effect than a single floral piece in the center of a round wedding guest table. Long tables let you and your design team create a bridal magazine-worthy tabletop arrangement of beautiful details.

In the photo shown here, the effect of the yellows and tans, and the lineup of candles, florals and even the elongated bread basket, creates a warm and intimate effect for the guest table, another top trend in wedding decor. Not every table has to be grandiose, nor do they have to match! That’s another top wedding trend provided by long wedding guest tables: you can design each one to feature taller or shorter coordinating floral arrangements, mixed in with single floating flowers in clear bowls, dozens and dozens of different pillar candle heights, and colorful table runners coordinating with charger plates. Each table is just a little bit different, but each is gorgeous in its own right.

Our luxury wedding team can help you customize your long table layout as well, since the immense and ornate Ellis Island Weddings setting offers such a fabulous blank slate for the design of your celebration space, and long tables also provide the still-trendy rustic look if you’d like to hold your wedding outdoors on our grounds.

Contact our wedding experts today to give your grand wedding the space and modern effects you’ve been dreaming about, and we’ll show you even more examples of the long table designs we’ve hosted here at Ellis Island’s most impressive and most unforgettable weddings.