Ellis Island Weddings: Outdoor Setting Cabanas

Take advantage of that spectacular New York City skyline view with the outdoor portion of your luxury wedding celebration here at Ellis Island Weddings and Events. We have the perfect setting for a picturesque outdoor cocktail party or wedding reception, with unmatched scenery that gets even better as the sun sets and the true magic of the city lights appear in the distance.

The Ellis Island Weddings and Events team will assist you in designing your dream outdoor wedding locale, as shown here with colorful cabanas situated on the lawn, offering one of the top wedding trends for outdoor wedding soirees. Your guests can mingle and view the surrounding Wall of Honor, then gravitate with their champagne to our vibrant or bridal-white cabanas set up to your specifications. Here, they’ll take in the grand views, toast to your happiness, catch up with one another, and soak in the very special atmosphere before the next stage of your wedding celebration begins.

It might be that your wedding reception takes place outdoors as well, with our lavishly-set tables and overhead lighting, or your wedding guests might venture inside our landmark venue ballroom to be wowed by your wedding decor, and dance the night away with your fabulous wedding entertainers’ performance.

You’ll have full access to our entire island, progressing your party from scenic spot to scenic spot, perhaps even beginning in the ballroom and enjoying champagne and dessert in our lit-up outdoor party areas…with your wedding culminating in show-stopping fireworks.

Contact us to find out how to make our setting the home of your dream wedding, and we’ll open our grounds and doors to you and to your wedding guests for a one-of-a-kind, unforgettable grand wedding that’s pure magic from start to finish.