Ellis Island Weddings Mixes Elegance with Trendy Club-Style Effects

Ellis island club style wedding

ellis island formal wedding

Ellis Island Weddings combine the best of both worlds: spacious layout for your round or long guest tables, and the hot wedding trend of providing club-like seating areas where guests can gather and mingle throughout your event.

As you see here, you have your choice of how ‘club-like’ you want your event design to be, from the elegant and refined dark-colored couches and table-matching lighting effect on the low-set table between them, to the vivid blue lighting effects shown in the photo below, as well as so many other seating styles, arrangements, colors, materials and lighting effects possible in the grand space available to you here at Ellis Island Weddings.

Guests won’t expect Ellis Island to be the site of such a trend-forward effect, and they’ll rave about your design and decor. You’re giving them the chance to choose their mingling spots, where they’ll take in the grandeur of this stunning and historical spot transformed to your wishes.

You too will be able to greet your guests in each of their gathering places, enjoy a group toast, hugs and well-wishes, and gift envelopes, and your wedding photographer and videographer will surely capture fabulous and forever-precious photos of you and your guests in these special mingling areas.

The layout is yours to create, and our wedding plannting team will help you choose the best placement for your desired room features. Visit Ellis Island Weddings and Events to view our gallery for inspiration.