Ellis Island Weddings: Famous Faces and Movie Scenes

Wedding guests love hearing the history of the wedding location, and there’s no better locale for history than Ellis Island. In addition to the fascinating stories of the island’s architecture and immigrant flow, guests will be delighted to know that they are standing where some of America’s most beloved and accomplished entertainers and innovators first arrived here to make a new start in their new world.

So add to your personal wedding website this awe-inspiring list of Ellis Island immigrants who went on to become famous: Bob Hope, Irving Berlin, Knute Rockne, Claudette Colbert, Chef Boyardee (Ettore Boiardi), Charles Atlas, Isaac Asimov, the Trapp Family Singers, Bela Lugosi, Charlie Chaplin, Stan Laurel, Arthur Murray, and Max Factor.

It’s not just your grandparents’ generation who will be fascinated by these names; Claudette Colbert is especially impressive to fashionable friends who embrace the vintage style of her era.

For those guests who are more focused on recent history, here’s a fun FYI for them:

The island’s history as a film location includes a blockbuster even your youngest guests will know. In the film X-Men, a UN summit held on the island is targeted by Magneto, a former immigrant who attempts to artificially mutate all the delegates present. And romantic comedy fans will certainly remember this: In the 2005 film, Hitch, Will Smith and Eva Mendes’ characters take a jet ski to the island and explore the building.

These fun facts on your personal wedding website get your guests even more excited to attend your luxury wedding at our landmark venue.