Ellis Island Weddings: Elegance is Back as a Top Wedding Trend for 2013

During the past few years, it seemed everyone was having 1920s-inspired garden weddings, or rustic barn weddings with mason jar centerpieces and wildflowers, and as lovely as those styles are, the new wedding trends for 2013 have been announced by www.TheWeddingReport.com. Elegance, formality, and romance are back as leading wedding styles for this year’s wedding couples, and Ellis Island Weddings are pure elegance and class, luxury celebrations that offer so many elements of the additional top wedding trends and styles.

Here are just some of the top descriptions that brides and grooms have reported for their 2013 wedding styles, as reported by The Wedding Report:

* Romantic: 45%

* Traditional: 35%

* Fun: 29%

* Elegant: 27%

* Unique: 27%

* Formal: 21%

and more…an Ellis Island Wedding comprises all of these dream elements at the same time, with the Unique aspect being the beauty and history of our landmark venue, the family histories it imbues into your wedding celebration, the majestic arrival to our island venue and the sense of your wedding becoming a part of our locale’s history as well as your own.

Just 7% of weddings are beach weddings right now, and only 9% are reported to be rustic. So there is definitely a return to luxury, formality and romantic magic in a wedding style, which starts first and foremost with your chosen wedding location and takes life with each wedding detail our team, and yours, create to your specifications.

Visit us at Ellis Island Weddings and Events, and tell us all about your dream wedding style. We’ll help you bring your big day to life in a grand, romantic, elegant, and fun way.