Ellis Island Weddings Dazzle With Lighting Effects

Ellis island wedding design

Luxury weddings are known for their spectacular decor, and no wedding trend is bigger right now than specialty lighting. Fabulous lighting effects can transform any ballroom space into a magical scene, but here at Ellis Island with our lofty ceilings and spectacular architecture, lighting effects really create an unforgettable ambiance. Your guests who have visited Ellis Island before will not believe this is the same historic site they experienced in the past, and guests who have never stepped foot in our landmark will be truly impressed with your lavish designs and decor.

We’ve been host to some of the most spectacular weddings and events, and we marvel at the talents of lighting effects coordinators — with breathtaking light patterns projected on the ceiling, walls and floor — not to mention trained on each table — so we invite you to visit our site to view some of our most elegant upscale celebrations, lit up in marvelous and awe-inspiring ways. Our team can help bring these effects to your wedding, and we can discuss with you what’s possible and trend-setting at Ellis Island Weddings and Events.