Ellis Island Weddings and Events: When You Have A Small Wedding Guest List



With a wedding venue as vast as our historic landmark ballroom, you might think your smaller, more intimate wedding would get lost in the space…but an array of creative wedding decor and design trends transform the Ellis Island Registry Room into the perfect size for your wedding celebration.

Our wedding planning team can arrange for tall gauzy curtained walls to create a special welcome entryway, accented further by elegant tables set to glow with under-set LED lights, plus dreamy uplighting in front of each table as well as those curtain walls. In the dim lighting of our ballroom, guests see the colorful lighting effects beckoning them to your party space, which is then further enhanced by more luxury event lighting…decorative light projected onto the floor, as seen here.

Your tables then, are set within your custom-designed wedding space, topped with florals and candles, set with fine china and luxe linens — the finest of wedding details on a smaller scale, to suit your wish for a smaller, more intimate wedding party with your closest friends and family sharing this revered space in the glow of multiple special effects lighting, and beneath the grand architecture of our landmark.

Ellis Island Weddings can be as small as 25 people, which surprises many brides and grooms seeking an ultra-special wedding banquet hall with a spectacular story and history…the ballroom space is all theirs, the bride and groom can mingle quite happily with their devoted collection of guests, and the atmosphere created by our team ensures proper event scale and space for the perfect celebration.

Contact the Ellis Island Wedding and Events team to start making plans for your small, intimate wedding here at our very special event location, and we’ll share even more design inspiration, as well as additional ways to make your wedding unforgettable.