Your Ellis Island Wedding: Celebrations in Our Smaller Rooms as Well as Our Ballroom





Ellis Island Weddings and Events allow you to transform not just our grand spaces for your wedding reception to your dream wedding design filled with light, color, flowers, lavish linens and the finest of table settings, you also may host additional portions of your wedding celebration in our smaller rooms and banquet spaces.

Our wedding and event teams can work with your wedding planners, floral designers, lighting specialists and more to bring your wedding visions to life, with more intimate spaces such as our conference rooms redesigned in luxurious style for a pre-reception celebration for your family and bridal party. Or you might wish for a sweetheart table to be set by our balcony just for the two of you, overlooking the scene of your upscale wedding celebration before your guests arrive — a favorite opportunity of wedding photographers capturing the bride and groom in their not-yet-filled weddings spaces.

We have multiple special sites on Ellis Island, as well as on Liberty Island — indoor and outdoor — for your wedding’s most wonderful special moments and scenes, allowing you a lavish creativity in our upscale wedding and special events spaces. As our weddings progress, groups may move from room to room for the different ‘stages’ of the wedding celebration, with each room decorated in a new color scheme, with grand florals and crystal decor, each space more breathtaking than the last, culminating in your choice of perfect, grand party location…which might be outside at your own outdoor clublike atmosphere where a surprise musical act performs, and fireworks light up the sky just for you.