Ellis Island Weddings and Events Spotlight – The Wall of Honor

 Ellis Island Weddings and Events start off with a very special experience that no other wedding venue can provide: your guests will get to search the island’s Wall of Honor to find names of their ancestors who arrived through Ellis Island, starting your wedding off with both the excitement of discovering their relatives’ names and a deep sense of gratitude to how their family’s great fortune began. As you start your new life together, you and your wedding guests will be reminded of the ‘new life’ that brought you where you are today, and put you in the perfect place for fate to take its course.

Guests are welcomed to find their family’s name on the Wall of Honor in-person, but it’s a wonderful idea to let guests know ahead of time that they’ll be welcomed in style when they arrive at your Ellis Island Wedding or celebration, and they can then explore the Wall of Honor to find their own ancestors’ names. When they know if advance, they can use the smart online tool Search the Wall of Honor to find the panel number where their family names are inscribed forevermore.

If you’d rather keep it a surprise treat, guests can use their smartphones to access the site and do their search. 

Here are more details about the Wall of Honor search: 

What information is available through this online search?
This search will display names of individuals and families inscribed on the Wall of Honor by donors to The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation. Names represent arrivals from all years, all points of entry, and all modes of travel. NOTE: Details regarding name, date, place of arrival and other information have been provided by donors and have not been verified for historical accuracy.

Are Ellis Island arrivals included in these search results?
While many names on the Wall of Honor represent immigrant arrivals through Ellis Island, this is not a requirement. Individual or family names can be placed in tribute on the Wall regardless of when the immigrant arrived or through which port they entered. The Wall celebrates the ethnic diversity of America — a country which remains “A Nation of Immigrants.”

Looking beyond the Wall of Honor, you might wish to search the comprehensive records of the 25 million passenger arrivals from 1892-1924 through the Port of New York at Ellis Island, visit www.ellisisland.org

And if you plan far enough in advance, you can arrange to have your ancestors’ names added to the Wall of Honor as well, perhaps as a surprise to your partner or to your families: http://www.wallofhonor.org/add_name_list.asp

Ellis Island Weddings and Events that start off with an ancestor search on the Wall of Honor may also include a moment of prayer, or a champagne toast, or a reading about new beginnings as a wonderful and meaningful way to begin your unforgettable Ellis Island Wedding or celebration.