Ellis Island Weddings and Corporate Events: Surprise Guests With an Amazing Live Musical Performance

Wedding guests love surprises, and the vastness of Ellis Island presents opportunities that very few — if any — other wedding venues can offer: as such a big, sprawling and beautiful NYC wedding venue with so many different party locations both indoors and out, you get to design your luxury wedding with the surprise element of a musical performance anywhere on the grounds. You do, after all, have the run of the entire island all to yourself, and it’s a rare wedding couple who can say that about their wedding location.

Here you’ll see that a band is set up on a fabulously-lit and celebrity-style stage right at the edge of the property overlooking the river, with magical lights in the distance, and Ellis Island’s iconic patriotism on display with a massive American flag proudly on display overhead. Since blues are so popular as wedding trend colors now, your band’s stage can be designed and lit with dazzling blues, which may very well coordinate with the blue color scheme you’ve selected for your wedding. We can help you bring in your choice of entertainers, from the top names in wedding entertainment, to professional Broadway performers to big-name celebrity performers adding extra Wow Factor to your wedding.

It’s not just our lawn with the over-the-water scenery that presents your chance to direct guests outside for a surprise concert. They might progress to our outdoor celebration areas to find ballet dancers or other live performers, a dueling violin group adding extra electricity to your wedding’s closing chapter. We can arrange for musicians to welcome your guests as they step off the ferry, making a grand and elegant first impression.

While other brides and grooms, and corporate event planners, think they’re limited to just one entertainment group or act, you — as an Ellis Island bride, groom or corporate gala organizer — get the thrill of arranging multiple musical performances that thrill and energize, or add romance to your event. We have a collection of fabulous indoor spaces where musicians can be a surprise element, and for a grand gesture and big surprise, a fabulous outdoor performance can very well treat your guests to a celebrity concert all your own.

Contact the Ellis Island Weddings and Events team to start planning your musical performances and concert surprises, and we’ll answer all of your questions, work with your existing vendors and suggest amazing and beautiful locations on our landmark property for your unforgettable entertainment surprises.