Ellis Island Wedding and Corporate Events: Fabulous Video Presentations


Ellis Island may be an historic venue, but we’re hi-tech all the way — for your wedding or corporate gala video presentations that begin your celebration with a sentimental montage of the bride and groom, or a revved-up, motivational video for your corporate crowd.

Our venue has been transformed by top wedding coordinators and event planners to feature big-screens in the front of the ballroom, over the stage, and along our lofty balconies, giving all of your wedding and corporate guests a perfect view of your video. Wedding entertainers perfect the art of video effects coordinated to their musical performances, and corporate event planners have shown the history and leaders of the host company’s organization.

Our event planning team will work with you and your coordinators to design the perfect big-screen placements around our immense venue, adding a dazzling level of entertainment and inspiration to your Ellis Island special event.

It’s a rare wedding or corporate gala that doesn’t feature a video performance or presentation these days, and we’re among the top NYC venues providing state-of-the-art tech and sound capabilities, granting your event planners the luxury of video spectacles in addition to the lighting spectacle of our ballroom. Take a look at the ‘starry night’ effect on our high ceilings above, a trendy pairing of royal blue and floral purple creating a magical wedding or corporate event atmosphere. The colors are yours to choose, and the video is yours to create. Our brides and grooms, and our corporate gala groups, have wowed their crowds with emotional videos, humorous videos, applause-inspiring tributes, even video messages from far-away loved ones and friends or celebrity ‘guests’ delivering a message to the guests of honor.

Talk with us about your luxury event’s video spotligtht, and we’ll guide you through every step needed to impress your every guest with an unforgettable presentation.