Ellis Island Luxury Weddings on a Grand Scale

Photo courtesy of Ellis Island Weddings - wedding design

Ellis Island Weddings are grand, spacious affairs, with the entire museum space devoted to your luxury event. With such an enormous, impressive space to call your own, your guests’ tables will not just be ornate, but set far apart for a more grandiose effect — filling the ballroom with elegantly-set table after elegantly-set table in a purposefully-stylized arrangement that creates an overall effect of a sea of candlelight, color, and textile finery.

Our layout capabilities also allow for your guests’ ultimate comfort and ease of movement as they enjoy their gourmet meals, and when they wish to stand and move to the dance floor, or mingle with one another. And you, too, benefit from the spaciousness between tables as you move through the room, visiting table-to-table, without any risk of your gorgeous ballgown brushing against your guests’ chairs or your dramatic veil getting snagged on a guest’s jacket.

Only an immense wedding location suits the important need for space and movement, as well as decorative effect, and here at Ellis Island, you have precisely that advantage. Visit our website to view the layout plans for our space, and we’ll be happy to work with you to arrange your chosen styles of table layout.

Contact our luxury wedding planning team to create your unforgettable celebration.